Breidbach Clinic brings health care to Acorn Valley

  1. THE Acorn Valley community has benefited immensely from a health drive by the Breidbach Clinic. Clinic staff paid a surprise visit to the community to provide primary health care services on Monday.

Breidbach clinic nurse Brazie Genade accompanied by lay counsellor Wendy Peters and clinic committee chairperson Desmond Coetzee . They said the visit formed part of a routine outreach programme.

HEALTH INITIATIVE: Breidbach Clinic professional nurse Brazie Genade, left, does a health check on Nosisi Jacobs during a clinic drive to Acorn Village on Monday Picture: DESMOND COETZEE

“This visit is a routine one and is an attempt to bring primary healthcare right to the doorsteps of our clients, especially those who find it difficult to handle the long distance to the clinic,” Genade said.

“We have provided family planning, HIV counselling and testing, immunisation to children, and assisted chronic clients.”

Acorn Valley’s eldest resident, Nana Jacobs, 95, said her legs could never have carried her over the approximately 3km distance from her home to Breidbach Clinic to attend the drive.

“I am an old woman, my legs are not that strong anymore and I am a soft target for crime if I decide to walk to the clinic, so I am thankful for them coming to us,” said Jacobs.

Another patient, Marietta Taylor, suggested more regular visits to their area, especially for the benefit of the elderly, disabled, and infants in their community.

“We have many senior citizens here as well as disabled people who cannot afford to hire vehicles to take them to the clinic. We would like services like these more often, maybe once a week. It will be appreciated by the entire community,” said Taylor.

Coetzee commended the community for embracing the opportunity.
“The attendance we see today is a clear indication that the people of this community are taking their health and those of their children seriously, and we assist in ensuring that they are informed about their health rights and responsibilities,” said Coetzee.


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