Roxy is looking for a fun loving home

FIVE-year-old Roxy, from the East London Pet Pals, is looking for a fun- loving home.

Roxy was found on the road as a stray and is about five years old and she has been with the Pet Pals since February. 2018.


Secretary Melany Leach said adopting a rescued dog or cat from a shelter is the ethical and sustainable choice.

“These innocent souls have often never known a loving, safe home, and once adopted, they reward their new families with daily gratitude and humbling loyalty. As we sterilise our cats and dogs, by choosing to adopt and not to breed or buy, you then become part of the solution and not part of the tragic problem of pet overpopulation and homelessness,” she said.

Dog-lover, Mandy Whitehead, said the Pet Pals need our help financially as well as with adoptions.

“Pet pals is a wonderful animal rescue organisation that is run here in East London. I always support their well-organised fund raisers, especially their Beach Dog Walks, which my dogs, Maya and Molly, thoroughl enjoy.

“There are many beautiful fur babies at the centre that need a forever home. Please do go and visit Pet Pals and meet the lovable animals they have there,” she said.

Amber-eyed Roxy is a huge girl with the heart of a kitten and this gentle giant yearns for her own family where there are no other small or female dogs, said Leach.

If anyone would like to know more about adopting they can contact Sue Kriel 082-850 8935 or if you’d like to be part of the volunteers contact  Leach on 083-800 5002.


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