Taking a stand over violence against children

FIGHTING FOR THEIR RIGHTS: Young people holding up their placards in front of the SAPS offices at Mdantsane City Mall in NU6, Mdantsane, on Saturday June 16

THE youth of Mdantsane , led by ANC African National Congress Youth League former chairman person Lwando Mpisane, commemorated Youth Day by marching to the police station branch at the Mdantsane City Mall in Mdantsane.

“We the youth of Mdantsane would like to express our concerns and demand actions on the following basic Human Rights under the Child Protection Act [contained in a memorandum],” said Pisane said.

“The Mdantsane City Mall consulted us, saying on in June 16 we must do more than just celebrate it.

“That is why we decided to march thought about marching to the nearest police station and to hand over a memorandum that clearly states all the demands we want them to fulfil.”

In the memorandum handed over to the police, the youth demanded that cases of missing children be given priority and prompt responses to rape and other sexual offences.
They demanded that the police visibility in their communities be consistent.

“We plead for freedom of movement in our communities and the freedom to not constantly live in fear. We want assault cases by intimate partners to be taken seriously, and we demand that crimes a fast pace when investigating crimes affecting the vulnerable members of the society are investigated speedily,” indicated Pisane said.

“Our struggle is child abuse, children being abused by family members and friends of the family, and teenage pregnancies, which need to be eradicated. in young children.”

“The needs the youth league [ANC] needs to work hard to educate young people about this and about drugs, which are affecting our communities. Drugs are a leading cause of crime.Theses are the same drugs which most of the time are the cause of crime.”

Pisane said they wanted to take a stand against all the social ills that were they decided to fight against all of the societal ills and stood up against those things that are destroying the youth of Mdantsane.

“We are hoping the SAPS will listen to our plea and start acting accordingly, as there is a dire need of them in the communities,” he said.


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