African art works on display

NTOBEKO Mjijwa will be exhibiting his African-inspired artwork at the Ann Bryant Art Gallery in East London from tomorrow until Wednesday.

Mjijwa is a lecturer in fine art at the African Christian University in Zambia. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Nelson Mandela University (NMU) and a Certificate in Theology from George Whitefield Bible College.

He makes use of a few modern art movements when creating his work, drawing inspiration from his musical and biblical background.

“I looked at a few movements such as avant garde, expressionism and fauvism. I then tried to combine them, started experimenting, and it worked out well,” Mjijwa said.

Mjijwa said what he did had more impact and value because he received a lot of encouragement from his father.

Exhibition organiser, Claude Qongwana, said the exhibition theme aimed to take you through times past, bring you to the present, and have you gaze into the future.

“One will be able to see a journey in each individual painting yet also link paintings from different times and how they relate to each other,” Qongwana said.

He said added that there would be 18 exhibits on display which portrayed “township life, depicting South Africa and Zambia”.

Gallery curator Leon du Preez said it was good to see emerging young artists coming through to showcase their work.

“His work shows promise and the few portraits I’ve seen have beautiful colour. The art is expressive yet has realism with a distinct African feeling,” he said.

Mjijwa’s work aims to resonate with art lovers, depicting how we live in our societies and ignite ongoing conversations.

There are two artworks set aside for sale and proceeds will go towards two chosen charities. The exhibition starts at 6pm.


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