Parkside CMR office opens

Social workers and chief social worker at the satellite office in Parkisde. From left: Illse Page, Leonice Vrolik, and Lorraine Macdougall Picture:SIVENATHI GOSA

THE Christelike Maatskaplike Raad (CMR) has expanded its services offices and have recently by opening a new satellite office in Parkside.

CMR East London has absorbed some of Child Welfare’s staff and will take over its child protection services in Parkside, Pefferville, Parkridge, Duncan Village, Gompo and Cambridge Township, among other areas.

The GO! & Express has reported (“Suffer the children of Buffalo City” April 19) that Child Welfare East London (CWF) closed has down due to lack of funds.
The CMR has will now taken over by employing some of the former CWF staff members, taking over the child protection services within the greater Buffalo City area and using the archives that were stored by CWF South Africa’s national office.

“We are open to people from many denominations although our basic principles state that we are Christian-based,” said chief social worker Lorraine Macdougall said.

Social worker Leonice Vrolik said: “We decided to move to Parkside because we found it difficult for our clients to reach us in Southernwood, as some of them cannot afford public transport.

“We want to be visible within the community, that is why we are liaising with the Pefferville Clinic and other stakeholders”said social worker Leonice Vrolik said.

Macdougall said their primary role was is to offer space where people could speak out if they had concerns about child abuse in their communities, or if anyone knew of a child who was in an abusive environment.

“We believe every child deserves a safe environment and a loving family,” Macdougall said.

Social worker Illse Page said their Parkside office was open on Mondays from 10am until midday.

“But the days will be extended in the future.” she said.

.She encouraged people to report any cases to their office.


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