New magazine for DV school

Nontuthuzelo Primary School in Duncan Village launched its first school magazine at a fanfare event held at the school on Friday.

Magazine editor, Nomfuneko Daniso, said that after being exposed to the listening to the rich history of the school, she thought it would be a good idea to start documenting it.

“When I arrived in 2014, I was touched by the history and I started gathering information.

“For this edition, the pupils learners haven’t contributed as yet,” Daniso said.

CHRONICLING HISTORY: Nontuthuzelo Primary School’s magazine editor, Nomfuneko Daniso, gives background to how the magazine came about at the launch

Former teachers of the school were also present for the historic launch of the magazine. reveal of the magazine.

Former teacher Nomahlubi Zukabuwa said she was very happy about the magazine and how far the school had progressed.

“This magazine highlights the progress of the school – even for those who haven’t attended the school, to create a vision for generations to come,” Zukabuwa said.

She said that as a former teacher of the school, having access to such a magazine would highlight the role the school had played in the development of children.

Daniso said the first edition’s content spanned news events from 2015 until 2017.

“We’ve started collecting content for the 2018 edition. It will be a mix of English and IsiXhosa languages and also content from the children.”


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