Bringing hope to babies

Guardians of Hope celebrated their first birthday on Saturday morning in an intimate setting at their premises in Willasdale Road, Bonnie Doon.

The home which relies on donations from the public, opened in July last year with only a limited amount of resources.

House mother Elaine Brenkman said she was thankful for all the support received so far because, as the saying goes, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’”.

VERY THANKFUL: Guardians of Hope house mother Elaine Brenkman, thanks guests at their first anniversary celebrations Picture: AMANDA NANO

“I thank God for trusting me with these children. I’m extremely grateful,” Brenkman said.

Carel du Plooy said he and his wife had been volunteering at the home for a year. “We’ve been approved to be adoptive parents and we’ll wait to fall in love with a child then hopefully adopt,” Du Plooy said.

Brenkman said they currently had 10 babies in their care and have had to turn some children who could possibly be put up for adoption away, due to space constraints.

“I wish there were more hands available to help us and more ‘safety parents’ to keep a baby until they get a home. We also need nappies and Lactogen Number One and Two formula,” she said.

The organisation has been a home to 33 babies since it opened, with 16 adoptions. Six babies have since been reunited with their families.

Guardians of Hope will hold a fundraiser ball on September 1 at Hotel Osner. For more info or donations, contact Brenkman on 043- 735-1303 or 082-487-4406.


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