Alleged robbers nabbed in North End

Police at the scene, where robbers hit a tree with their getaway vehicle near North end stadium, the three were captured while trying to escape
Image: Michael Pinyana

Three alleged robbers were not as lucky when their stolen car crashed into a lucky bean tree during a police chase in Lennox Street in North End on Monday morning.

East London Police spokesperson Hazel Mqala said three suspects between 22, 25, and 29 were arrested. One suspect is still at large. She said the vehicle was hijacked in Centane, several cellphones and a toygun were recovered from the scene.

“The car had been driving around East London and fortunately it had a tracker and when we found it parked at the corner of Lennox Street. They ran away and the driver lost control and hit a tree. Three suspects got out and fled and one was stuck inside the car.”

Two suspects were found hiding at a nearby bush.

“Members of the K9 dog unit used a sniffer dog and managed to arrest two suspects who were hiding inside the bush.” Mqala could not confirm whether the suspects were linked to the spate of robberies that have hit East London businesses.

“This will be linked to the hijacking case in Centane and the suspects have also been charged for being in possession of a hijacked vehicle. “We can’t say this is linked to the other robberies that have been happening in town until we are done with investigations and have evidence.”


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