International dancer to host ‘Heels Masterclass’

TO celebrate Women’s Day in style, dancer and performer, Sonwa Sakuba will be treating ladies to a ‘Heels Masterclass’ that will take place at the Anglican Church Hall in Cambridge on Thursday.

Sakuba, who will choreograph the class, said the idea for the masterclass stemmed from the need to add something new to health and fitness.

Sonwa Sakuba Picture: SUPPLIED.

“As an artist and dancer, I’m always trying to find new and exciting ways to keep fit and healthy. Going to the gym can be very boring and demotivating because you’re on a machine and you’re bored because you’re just doing the same thing. There’s nothing about the gym that makes me excited. However, I love to dance and I’ve always danced and my body has always stayed in shape. So as opposed to going to the gym, I decided to create my own dance workout by combining the two,” he said.

He said that after teaching dance skills for children, adults have approached him on numerous occasions for a class of their own.

“When I started teaching my dance classes for kids, adults started asking me to offer adult classes. It was something that I was planning on doing but my focus was on the kids at that point. Then I thought how I could make the adult classes more exciting and fun. I decided to add heels because there’s something about being in heels that makes you feel powerful and fierce. I’ve always been inspired by Beyonce and her dancers. They are just phenomenal and out of this world,” Sakuba said.

The dancer said the classes were open to all members of the community.

“Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this particular class is aimed at women as it is women’s month but it is also open to anyone else that is keen to throw on their heels and strut their stuff. Whilst slaying and being fierce, you are sculpting your body, invigorating your mind, and rejuvenating your soul,” he said.

Dress code for the event is anything fabulous – bring your heels, lingerie, fur, wigs and even your shades. It never too late to learn how to dance in heels.

In partnership with the new food eatery The Mustard, complimentary champagne and healthy gourmet snacks will be served at the end of the class.

For more information: 071 871 2746


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