Women call for accused to be released

A crowd of 20 women has gathered outside the East London magistrate’s court ahead of the bail application of publicist and humanitarian Cino Shearer and his co-accused, Warren Isaacs, and Shirley Gunuza.

A group f women stand outside the East London Magistrate’s court in support of humanitarian Cino Shearer
Image: Bhongo Jacob

The group, with placards that read: “Free our leaders”, are chanting slogans demanding the accused be released.

A woman, who identified herself as Victoria, said humanitarian projects run by the accused across various communities in BCM came to a stop since their arrest last month.

“Our leaders have been in jail for weeks and the projects which they run in our communities are suffering because there is no one to take care of things,” she said.

She said some of the projects include a centre catering for the vulnerable in Parkside and a rehab centre which allegedly belong to Isaacs.

The three, with their co-accused Sonwabile Mafanya and Patison Ngcube-Ngcobo, were arrested for allegedly planning to rob an East London butchery they believed had R70-million inside.

The case against the three continues in court on Tuesday.


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