Mr SA hopeful on a mission to raise pupil’s literacy levels

Teacher and economics master’s graduate  Caviner Ruiters, 26, of Buffalo Flats,  has entered the Mr South Africa 2018 competition in the hope it will give him a bigger platform to address problems in education.

boosting his  IT WAS dreams of turning around the education system in the region that encouraged local teacher, Caviner Ruiters, 26, of Buffalo Flats to enter the Mr South Africa 2018 competition  with the aim of addressing these issues on a wider platform.

GO GETTER: Caviner Ruiters, 26, of Buffalo Flats, has entered the Mr South Africa competition to use it as a platform to help address issues facing education on a bigger platform Picture: SUPPLIED

The economics and mathematics teacher at Bellafides Private School economics and mathematics teacher   said it was while travelling through the country during the  Mr Justice SA pageant that he  discovered  that found out that children in underprivileged schools are  were unable to read.

“I knew that something needed to be done and the only way to solve the problem was to involve the public.

“Entering Mr SA is a stepping stone and provides a platform to appeal to a larger audience to help these schools that do not have access to resources,” he said.

Ruiters who has a master’s degree in economics, said he said he believed that he embodied the spirit of what  a true Mr SA should be like.

“I know what sacrifice means. My father is a taxi driver and my mother works as a banker  and here I sit with a master’s degree,” he said.

“From the background that I am from,“ I know what they had to sacrifice for me to be where I am today.

“Some children do not even have a father and a mother who are working.

“I’m using my education and sacrificing my time to teach these children to read.

“That is where education comes in: it does not only teach us but it uplifts and empowers us,” he added.

Bellafides Private School principal Clarissa Masola praised Ruiters for his amazing work ethic.

“He is the nicest, sweetest, gentlest person I have ever met.

“He is always friendly towards everyone. In the short time he has been with us, he has made a wonderful impression.

“The students love him and he has endeared himself to all the staff,” she said.

Mr South Africa CEO JP Roberts said  a Mr SA winner was a man of honour and integrity who uplifted uplifts and supported his community.

“From a brand perspective, winning Mr South Africa has now become a very big deal. We pride ourselves on being the much-needed motivation and springboard many young men need in their lives and careers.

“Apart from the international travel, mentorship, ambassadorships and sponsors, the honour of wearing the Mr South Africa title in itself is a huge accomplishment for any man,” Roberts said.

Ruiters made it clear why he entered the competition.

“I entered the competition and they then selected people they wanted to be part of their vision and I was fortunately one of them,” said Ruiters.

“Even if I win Mr SA, I won’t be a different person. I won’t change who I am now. I will keep on doing great work through my education career, because it is my passion for education that got me started on this journey. “For this pageant, I am not focusing on putting my face out there.”

Ruiters is  co-presenter on The Gospel Show on Wild Coast FM every Saturday from 6-10 am with Andrew McIntyre. The pair also run book initiatives where they donate books to underprivileged primary schools in East London.

To vote for Ruiters, SMS “MRSA 8” to 40439.




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