Clean up a call to BCM

MEANT FOR CHILDREN: Buffalo Flats community members Community members of Buffalo Flats with DA ward councillors and members cleaning the park area, which has become a crime hotspot and dumpsite Picture: SIVENATHI GOSA

BUFFALO Flats residents joined forces with the DA Democratic Alliance (DA) in a clean-up campaign that was launched by the party DA on Saturday in Elba Crescent.

Ward 10 PR councillor of ward 10, André Swartz said the park was meant to be a safe playground for children and that they had decided to clean it up as an example to the municipality.

“We will be visiting other places across Buffalo City Municipality [BCM] to make sure we live in a clean and safe environment,” said Swartz said.

Community leader Lydia Solomon said she had originally created the park for the children so that they could would have a safe environment to play in.

“In 2006, we applied to the local municipality for a play park. Our application was ignored,” she said.

Solomon then took matters into her own hands and cleared out the area new park with the help of the community.

“The challenge we face in this community is that this park has now turned into a crime hotspot.

“People are being mugged and raped. It has also turned into a dumpsite, which is unhygienic for the community, especially the children,” she said.

Solomon and Swartz were helped by the community and other local ward councillors.

“I would like to thank the ward councillors who that sacrificed their day to come and join us in trying to make a difference in our communities,” concluded Swartz said.


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