Sharma Boy honours son with recipe book

East London local Sharma Boy recently launched a new recipe book, Granny’s Kitchen, in memory of her son who passed away at the age of 31.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Sharma Boy at the launch of her new recipe book, “Granny’s Kitchen” Picture: Matthew Field

“It was my way of keeping him alive,” Boy said.
“Every time for six months when I cooked, I thought of him. It would really touch me.

“He always loved my cooking,” she said. “And 99% of the recipes in this book were his favourites.”

The name for the book came from her interactions with her children and grandchildren.
“As my children got married and had kids, they all started were calling me Granny,” she said.
“They were always saying ‘go sit by Granny’, and it was always ‘Granny’s kitchen’.”

For Boy, cooking was something she grew has grown up with.
“We grew up with helping grannies in the kitchen,” she said. “It’s a norm, especially in the Indian community.”

It was in this environment that her love for cooking grew.
“It’s a passion, cooking and creating dishes,” said Boy.

Readers don’t have to be master chefs to enjoy Boy’s book. “It’s very basic cooking,” she said. “Anybody can cook it.”


  1. Thank you for sharing such a painful story of the loss of your dearest son, confidant and best friend ! Your son lives and continues to inspire us , mothers in particular. I will be definitely getting your book as a token of appreciation to your son and yourself as such a doting mom !
    I am Keen on your Spice range for Byriani & other cuisine like curries for most meat dishes . Where can I get your spice range so as to complete my recipes from your book.


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