Coke staff’s day off to make difference

DOING THEIR PART: Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa employees cleaning up the coastline along the Esplanade Picture: SIVENTAHI GOSA

Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa held its annual coastal clean-up campaign on Friday, September 14, at the Esplanade Beachfront, where they were joined by Buffalo City Municipality Solid Waste Management and Aurecon Engineering Company.

Under the theme “Moving towards a waste-free SA”South Africa”,, the management and staff members of CCBSA spent their day at the beach picking up litter.

CCBSA district manager, District manager of CCBSA Alan Long, said that the event was one of 14 coastal cleanups that were held nationwide, during which where the employees were are given a day’s leave to make a difference in their communities.

“The international statistics on waste are frightening the company is producing products that are contributing to the pollution.

“The plan for Coca-Cola International is to hopefully is to eliminate PET waste in the company by 2020 and to make biodegradable products.

“We have to be a prime example in the society,” Long said.said Long.

Nosifundo Skweyiya, of BCM, also weighed in on proper waste management.

“We encourage the community to not litter or create illegal dumping sites.

“One of the most important points we always share with the community is that littering affects the environment, economically and socially.

“People have this incorrect mentality thinking that if they litter, they are creating job opportunities, which is not true.

“If one can change their mindset, a huge difference can be made happen in our city,” Skweyiya said.


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