Book Drive joy for pupils

READING IS FUN: Caviner Ruiters of Wild Coast FM Book Drive with Aqua Vista Primary School pupils Picture: AMANDA NANO

Aqua Vista Primary School has benefited from the Wild Coast FM Book Drive when they received boxes of books on Tuesday September 24.

The school is one of four recipients identified in this month-long project.

Aqua Vista principal Andelene Ross said they were extremely grateful for this kind gesture.

“We would love for our existing library to grow so the children can have a place to read quietly,” Ross said.

The GO! previously reported (“WCFM Book Drive turning the pages”, June 22) that Caviner Ruiters and Andrew McIntyre were the driving forces behind the project.

WCFM Book Drive turning the pages

McIntyre said that additional donations came from book publishers.

“Reading is a necessity and the children need books that are current which they can relate to,” McIntyre said.

While reading to the children, Ruiters encouraged them to always dream and believe in themselves.

“Dream and become whatever you want in life and these books will make your dreams even bigger,” Ruiters said.


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