Church’s women unite to honour their heritage

CELEBRATING CULTURE: Portia Constable, left, and Noluthando Ntshinga share a meal at the Amalinda Methodist Church of Southern Africa Thursday Women’s Manyano heritage celebrations Picture: SIPHOKAZI VUSO

The Amalinda Methodist Church of Southern Africa Thursday Women’s Manyano got together last week to celebrate Heritage Month.

Dressed up in their Xhosa traditional attire, the Women’s Manyano prepared African cuisine that was shared on the day.

Chairperson Noluthando Ntshinga said the purpose of the day was to celebrate the rich Xhosa culture and for the church to recognise the importance of Heritage Month.

“This day forms part of a reminder of we are and where we come from. We have cooked different Xhosa dishes to treat ourselves to our traditional food,” she said.

She added that the day also stood in line with education on the importance of culture during Heritage Month.

“We shouldn’t forget our clans and rituals and our traditional ways,” said Ntshinga.

She added that on the day, they also learnt about traditional names for months – which come from names of plants or flowers that grow or seasonal changes that happen at a given time of the year – as well as reading on the background of clan names.The day was celebrated with music, poetry, Xhosa dishes and the reading of the Word of God.


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