Three years of training sees Cindy lift title

Cindy Dredge is a crown jewel in South African women’s bodybuilding after coming first at the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) South African Championships in Rustenburg in September.

She competed competing in the body fitness category after qualifying at the provincial championships.

“Since I started in August 2015, it’s taken me three years, 18 shows and moving to a different division to reach my first place,” said Dredge said.

There are five ladies’ categories in bodybuilding, namely: beach bikini, fitness bikini, wellness, body fitness and physique.

Dredge’s category allows for some muscle mass, a broad back and capped shoulders.

Sport has always been a part of Dredge’s life, having been a passionate hockey player until a knee injury cut her career short.

“I got involved in an eight-week transformation challenge where I did weight training and was on a high protein meal plan. I lost body fat and gained muscle,” she said.

Speaking about the changes to the female form, she said: “Perhaps we get judged by people more than men bodybuilders do.

“Ladies with muscles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.”

Dredge’sHer training regimen focuses on weight training and some cardio, six to seven days a week.

“My diet varies on and off season. But nearing a competition, I eat a lot of egg whites, steamed fish, and salad,” she said.

Despite the support of family and friends, a big challenge is finding sponsorships as it is costly to participate.

“I will be competing in the Gentle Giants Classic in Boksburg on October 27, and then prepping for the IFBB Senior Championships in Spain from December 1 to 3,” Dredge said.

Anyone looking to sponsor Dredge can contact her on 082-440-2227 or through her Instagram account @dredge83.


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