Pet owners invited to ELAW chipathon

East London Animal Welfare (ELAW), in partnership with Identipet, will be hosting their first ever Pet Chipathon at Bellafides Private School on Saturday October 27.

According to ELAW secretary Tara Sparg, the event was is focused on providing affordable pet-chipping to pet owners, while also serving as a fundraiser for the organisation.

“Pets getting lost is unfortunately an everyday reality and by chipping more pets, we are helping to reunite owners with their beloved pets and also get more animals off the street by doing so,” she said.

Sparg said that if public support was is good, they would will try to and make the Chipathon a monthly event in East London.

“We are always in need of volunteers to get involved and assist us on a regular basis, as well as at our events.
“Assistance with organisation of fundraising events is also a big need to pay off our overheads such as our vet bills and pet food,” Sparg said.

In addition to getting one’s pets chipped, Sparg also had plenty of other advice for pet owners on how to ensure that to make sure their pets were well taken care of.

“Provide a protected and clean living environment for your pet, have a garden with high walls or at least a means of keeping them safe as accidents can happen and pets do get out.
“It is important to make sure your pet has a means of identification if they do get lost, a collar with an ID tag on with the owner’s current cellphone number is vital for this.
“Ensure that fresh water is always readily available, as well as feeding them a quality diet.
“Ensure your pet is sterilised and it is vital you keep up-to- date with your pet’s tick and flea control to prevent illness,” she said.

And most important of all: “Give them lots of love, you are their only family.”

To book your pets in for the Chipathon, e-mail Gail Theresa Gane at gail@eastlondonanimal and provide your name, cellphone number, and your pet’s details.
The fee is R180 per pet.


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