King locals celebrate National Recreation Day

Hundreds of King William’s Town locals joined community members from other nearby areas to participate in National Recreation Day activities hosted by the Eastern Cape department of sport, recreation, arts and culture (Dsrac) in the quiet capital city of Bhisho on October 5.

The event, with the theme #Choose2BACTIVE, saw more than 700 adults dressed up in yellow T-shirts and children in white and pink participate in a variety of games and fun activities, such as aerobics, pass the ball, intonga, drie stokkies and duck walk.

STAY FIT: Eastern Cape Dsrac head Deidre Sedras addresses community members and the youth during National Recreation Day

There were also board games, such as draughts and chess, and a waterslide and jumping castle for the children.

On December 12 2014, the South African cabinet declared an annual Recreation Day to be celebrated on the first Friday of October.

By declaring this one day on the South African calendar as National Recreation Day, it is expected that all South Africans will be made aware of the need to become physically active and that they will dedicate some part of their day towards participating in physical activities intended to promote life-long wellness.

Addressing the crowd, EC Dsrac head Deidrè Sedras said the event will be held every year and she is hoping it will only grow from strength to strength.

“We will be hosting this event every year and it could provide you with the first-hand experience and motivation needed to continue participating voluntarily in physical activities as you begin to realise the personal and social benefits thereof,” Sedras said.

“Enjoy the activities and thank you once again for taking time out and availing yourselves in making this day a success.”

Glynnice Bester is a football coach for juniors in Breidbach and commended the department for the initiative.

“I took three of my teams from U10 to U14 to participate in the event and I witnessed how much they enjoy themselves in all the activities on offer, so thank you for the opportunity,” said Bester.


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