Study tips for matric pupils

IN empowering matriculants on their final year examinations, the Eastern Cape Department of Education (ECDOE) and local teachers have come together to ready the pupils on their journey.

ECDOE spokesman Malibongwe Mtima said about 105,189 Grade 12 pupils in the region have been registered as candidates for the final examinations.

“The basic principles for assessing and examining these candidates are to provide fair and equitable opportunities for all pupils as they are important in the examination processes,” said Mtima.

Schools shared study tips with the pupils.

Stirling High School headmaster Doug Prior said a suitable place to study can bear good results.

“Find a quiet, comfortable place where you have sufficient space. Your studying area should preferably not vary, it should be comfortable and you should be sitting upright at a table or desk.

A bed or a couch is not a good place for studying. If you do not have a space conducive to studying at home, request to study in a quiet venue at school,” said Prior.

He added: “Be absolutely clear on your exam time and date, draw up a study timetable and adhere to it -study in advance and do not try to cram before an exam,”.

Beaconhurst High School FET phase head Lynette van Greunen added that study groups or sessions with other pupils and educators where questions can be answered can assist during this time.

“Practise using old exam papers, eat nutritious meals, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Work according to a study plan, arrive early on the exam and ensure you have all the necessary documents and stationery needed before starting the exam,” she said.

The examinations started on October 15 with Computer Assisted Technology (CAT) Practical and followed by Information Technology Practical on October 16. The rest of the subjects shall start on October 22 and continue until November 28. All other Grades will start their examinations at the beginning of November and finish in the last week of the month, said Mtima.


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