Stirling Lodge Reaches Diamond

  • CHAT TIME – Stirling Lodge residents from left Helena de Wet, June Cherry, Denise Ikin and Stella Els enjoying the festivities.
    TICKLING THE IVORIES -Pianist Lloy Brent provided the musical entertainment. Brent’s mother-in-law was a Stirling Lodge resident who passed away at the age of 103.
    MAINTAINING ORDER Anele Mabuya is the Maintenance Supervisor for Stirling Lodge
    FIRM FRIENDS Anne King and Toni Tonin
    DIGNIFIED – Mike Schulze (Executive Director of the Berea Gardens Foundation),
    Beth Kingon, former Members of the Board of Directors of Stirling Lodge Utility Company Kingsley Kingon and
    Mackie Dewar.
    LONG HAUL – Mary Bradfield has been at Stirling Lodge for 22 years making her the longest residing Stirling resident. Bradfield is in picture with fellow resident Gina Jones.
    CARING – Carol Upton (previous Manager),
    Wendy Kent (resident Nursing Sister) and Gina Jones.
    TALL ORDER -Resident Dawn de Waal and Stirling Lodge Manager Jo-Anne Oosthuizen.
    AT YOUR SERVICE – The home also invited service providers to the celebration. From left are Tactical Task Force represented by Ian Milne, D.A. Ward Councillor Jason McDowell, Steven Trappeler (Tactical Task Force and DStv installer), Louis Oosthuizen, Jo-Anne Oosthuizen (Stirling Lodge Complex Manager) and Charl Pretorius (Tranmark Trading)
    RESIDENT REPOSE – Di Branfield, Thalia Rudolph, Olive Thompson, Sally Gallacher, Maureen Povey enjoying the fine dusk air.


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