NPO’s safe house dream

Member of Helping Those in Need,Marion Peake, dishing up for those in need Picture:SUPPLIED

Helping Those in Need is a non-profit organisation based in East London that provides meals to families and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. The organisation is currently raising funds to buy a safe house.

“We have been down-and-out before with nowhere to turn and we want to offer a place where whatever the need is, we can assist for people who just need a safe place to talk and cry without judgement,” member Matthew Peake said.

“My wife Marion and I have been helping the destitute, the broken and the lost for the past two years. We have seen a drastic increase in abused and abandoned children within our community, while we feed hundreds of children daily.

“We work full-time to feed and clothe these children, rallying the support of individuals, taking leftover food from generous shops and distributing it and other donations far and wide.”

Peake said the NPO had provided meals to more than had “An estimate would be that in our time running the NPO, we have provided meals to more than over 200,000 families so far, and had “provided strength and support to those moms and dads who need a loving touch and a kind word”. said Peake.

He indicated They also support new mothers and their infants and encourage the mothers not to abandon their babies.

“We would like to use the house as a home of safety for victims of abuse and abandonment. Also for the homeless to have a shower and clean up and get medical help.

“Daily we have children needing a place of safety and there are not enough homes.

“We don’t need anything fancy – we just need a safe space and place in which to welcome in children who have been shunted from foster home to foster home, who have made the streets their dwelling place, who have been pushed out into the cold to fend for themselves.”

Members of the public wishing to assist the NPO can visit: Peake said people can raise the funds by going to their website,


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