Mix of intricate quilts on show

The annual East Coast Quilters Guild’s (ECQG) show Quilt Show is currently underway at the Courtenay Latimer Hall at the East London Museum and will continue to enthrall show goers until on Saturday.

More than 34 unique quilts are on display, including a raffle quilt quilt made by a quilt group called “Thursday Therapy”.

A striking piece as you walk into the hall is by Stutterheim-based quilter Christine Gordon, titled Mindcraft and is in the shape of a skull.

The machine stitched and quilted work is something the artist thought her sons would find “appealing”.

ECGQ member, Jenny Flemmer has been with the organisation for a number years said there’s interesting works on display.

“I’ve been doing quilts for 30 years, and with this particular piece I used a lot of pieces of fabric,” she said.

She describes her work as machine pieced, hand embroidered and hand quilted- with “no rules and no set size”.

An attendee said: “There are really exquisite patterns and so much talent. For some, you have to stand back to see the pattern properly.”

The guild had a quilt challenge where they were given three coloured crayons which they incorporated into the quilt. They were allowed to choose one extra coloured crayon and craft a creative quilt.

A range of fabrics and prints have been incorporated into the works, including popular South African material shweshwe.

The show opens from 9.30am to 4pm and draws to a close on Saturday, from 9.30am to 12pm. Entrance fee is R5.


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