More than 6-million children starving in SA – Child Gauge report

Millions of children do not get the minimum nutrition needed to survive and thrive.
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More than 6-million children in South Africa live below the food poverty line with many families failing to provide the minimum nutrition needed to survive and thrive.

This was revealed in the South African Child Gauge 2018 report on Tuesday.

The annual report is published by the Children’s Institute (CI) at the University of Cape Town, alongside the DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Human Development, University of the Witwatersrand, UNICEF South Africa and the Standard Bank Tutuwa Community Foundation.

This year marked the 13th Child Gauge report, which focused on children at the interface of families and the state. It looked at areas of effective collaboration as well as contestation or tension between families and the state.

“In general, the state recognises the diversity and multigenerational nature of many families, but in practice different departments have divergent views of what a family is (or should be) and who is assumed to bear responsibility for children,” said Katharine Hall, senior researcher at CI and lead editor of the report.

This was just one of many challenges families faced.

According to the report, families and household arrangements were “dynamic, responding to social, economic and political factors”.

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By: Iavan Pijoos

Source: TMG Digital


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