FEELING more driven today – walked 1km – even though it is / was still quite windy. However, there was no stopping me as I stepped out on my travels which are far from travails but rather treats.

WHY? Well, Y not?
AGE RESTRICTION: As my birthday creeps up slowly, surely, steadily this sign reminds me of how far I am from retirement. because … this is nowhere near my age (yet!)
SPREADING RUBBISH: I posted a photo before (or after) this one showing very pretty pink plates. Well, how random is this – see from whence they come! Broken rubbish bags allow for said rubbish to disperse – just not lekker.
WANT NOT, WASTE NOT – Think about those words in that order – purposefully changed from the usual “Waste not, want not.” i.e. Reduce Reuse Recycle.
MINI MASK : This is a random photo of something that caught my eye. In looking at it closely now though, it resembles a Comedy Drama mask in a way.
PRETTY IN PINK BUT NOT IF IN A TREE See what I mean! This paper plate was blown from roughly 200m down the road to where  you see it in this photo.
LOVE LETTER IN THE SAND? Nah! I looked – it’s just a receipt! How disappointing is that!
POWER POINT: Almost got a bit of a shock when I saw this in the place where you see it here. Nope, not even along the roadside …. instead it was at the bottom of a mini hill.
SEALED WITH A …. I know there are reasons for these but please someone tell me what the reasons are for these particular ones!
POINT OF CONCERN One wonders if these do serve their purpose in this particular spot.
ROCK SOLID Fred Flintstone really needs to take more pride in his work – this is the second rock I have seen from his load in the last 2 days.
BARKING MAD : These dogs bark at me whether I am on their side of the road or across from them. But they ever seem to bark angrily at me – rather they seem to be saying “We know that you are there but you don’t threaten us. so we’ll let you go past here.”
LOLLYROCK – I promise you that I did not position these in anyway – Both more than likely were positioned there randomly by nature I like to think.
BOARD: One wonders how this came to be here. Perhaps someone was bored?
BLOCKED : Bollards more or less in a straight line.
PODCAST: Hopefully the seeds in these pods will be able to spread a little cheer.



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