Students design garments using environmentally friendly materials

In a bid to conserve the environment, fashion lecturer Sibusisiwe Nodada challenged her students to design garments using waste materials.

Nodada, who lectures 2D and 3D entrepreneurship and professional skills at Walter Sisulu University, said she had given her second-year students the  task to design pieces for an exhibition.

RECYCLED WONDER: Miss Walter Sisulu University Sinazo Mbekeni wearing one of the garments Picture: SUPPLIED.

“Each group had to use recycled and environmentally  friendly materials. We had a long discussion from on where to draw inspiration from and which materials to use,” she said.

The students designed garments made of crushed glass collected all over BCM fused on top of damaged patterned paper exposed to destroyed by rain,  as well as masigoduke bags.

“For the project, the students also  designed a wedding gown made out of potato sacks and other discarded agricultural packaging material.

“The project made them push ed the limits of what they thought they  were capable of. We hope as it grows, we can be able to showcase their creations it outside the university,” she said.

Nodada said hHer love for the arts stemmed from her artistic family, Nodada said.

“I grew up in a very hardworking entrepreneurial family. Both my grandmothers are big crafters and that is where I started doing things with my hands,” she said.

The lecturer is also involved with Buyelekhaya fashion development,  which gives students the opportunity to showcase their designs and be mentored by the likes of fashion icon David Tlale.

“We hope to showcase the project where the department of environmental affairs can take notice and help the students more.

“At the moment, we are negotiating with the Ann Bryant Gallery to exhibit the garments there,” it is just a matter of time,”  said Nodada.

The garments will also be showcased at a fashion show at the Guild Theatre on December 1.


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