Invitation to a Grand Prix Garden Party

To tie in with the Historic Grand Prix taking place from on Saturday and Sunday, the Grand Prix Garden Party will also be hosted from December 1 to 2 at the Val de Vie Luxury Estate.

The main attraction will be the 20 pre-war Grand Prix cars on display, many of which actually took part in the South African Grand Prix between 1934 and 1939. Local car clubs will also provide an additional 150 cars from their own collections for the display.

The cars will cover over more than 100 years of South African motor history – from the first vehicles from the early 1900s all the way to more modern designs. Highlights will include a 1901 Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin Ulsters, and Whitney Straight’s famous Maserati 8CM.

As part of the event, the cars will be driven in a circuit around the Polo Pavilion. However, this will not be a race but rather a chance for drivers to show off their vehicles and fire them up for the crowd.

A special Drivers’ Club hospitality facility will be available which will provide a great view of the historic display. VIP packages are also on offer which include a lunchtime grid walk, VIP parking and an all-day Premium Canape Food experience.

For more information or to book your spot, visit their website.

REV IT UP: Classic vehicles such as the Jaguar E Type V12 will be on display during the Grand Prix Garden Party Picture: SUPPLIED


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