Week 6 – my gracious! Time certainly does fly when one is having fun. This walking thing is hopefully helping me shed some weight and cm’s and is definitely improving my state of mind. Walked a different route on Friday  when these photo’s were taken. And traipsed around my neck of the working wood for roughly 1km or less. #Photo’sUnedited.

TWIGGING ON or perhaps off in this instance considering this twig has decided to leaf home.
LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING – Looks like one of those old-fashioned lamp posts, right? Well this shadow is actually that of a triangular street sign post.
EVIDENCE And this is the sign post in question.
CHALK IT UP – So this route has been used before to measure distance.
GOING THE DISTANCE This was another marker along the route.
STICKS & STONES may break my bones but walking shouldn’t harm me.
IMMATERIAL if this wasn’t lying where it is but once again it’s just rubbish that it’s around here.
BROWN LOCKS (that’s me) and the 3 Clouds. Cloud formations bringing to my mind that children’s fairy tale classic about Daddy Bear, Baby Bear, Mommy Bear and that scalliwag Goldilocks.
BRANCHING OUT – Symbolic methinks of my deviation from my same old same old.
MOUN(D)TAIN One small ant hill to humans, one giant mountain to ants
ENTRAPMENT These are really safe aren’t they?
HOSPITABLE Well I made it all the way to Life Beacon Bay and I didn’t even need their services (pshew!!)
WALL WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT there are actually unbroken trash bags in the ‘hood.


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