Miss Eagles finalist raises funds for CHOC EL

Miss Eagle finalist Kaitlin Schmidt held a special ladies’ tea at Abbotsford Tennis Club on Saturday in order to raise funds and as well as awareness for the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation.

RAISING AWARENESS: Kaitlin Schmidt promoted the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation at a ladies’ tea

A raffle was also held, with those attending attendees winning a number of gift vouchers, as well as pineapples and cucumbers, much to the amusement of all those involved.

Three boxes of toiletries and clothing were also donated, with the contents being provided by the attendees.

In addition to fundraising, Schmidt visits the East London ward once a week to organise arts and craft sessions with the children.

She said says she also plans on expanding her role to include mathematics lessons for teenagers since, in her words, “I have a passion for working with children, as well as mathematics, and I plan on combining the two.”

Schmidt said she has been working with CHOC for just under a year now. While volunteering at CHOC’s East London branch, Schmidt met a girl who sadly passed away.

“This little girl made me see life from a new perspective. I no longer look at life thinking about what I don’t have, but rather at the opportunities I have to make a difference,” she said.

Miss Eagles is the first beauty pageant that Schmidt has taken part in although she said her sisters have also done pageants in the past.

“I chose to enter this pageant as it is different from other pageants – it is not based on outer beauty but rather on inner beauty.”


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