Police boss praised for acting on protests

Police commissioner Colonel Nomvuyo Mrwebi has been commended for her leadership style following a meeting held at the Canon James Calata House in King William’s Town.

PROTESTS ON HOLD: The strike action in BCM’s Ward 44 has been postponed

At Monday’s gathering Mrwebi was described as a visionary leader, who had the had visionh a vision and for taking the interests of her community at heart.

This after she and her management team brought together stakeholders to discuss recent service delivery protests, which were put on hold by communities in Buffalo City Metro’s Ward 44.

Various stakeholders such as South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) regional executive members, Sanco Ward 44 executive members, department of human settlements officials and the SAPS were involved in the negotiations.

Mcedisi Nontsele took on the role as was the chairperson.

“As the police serving the King community, we saw that there was a desperate need to call this meeting after the service delivery protest by residents of Breidbach, Acorn Valley, Sweetwaters and Tshatshu within Ward 44 was put on hold for the duration of the final examination,” Mrwebi said.

“I became worried as the exams were nearly completed and communicated with Sanco Ward 44 branch secretary Stacey Gosling last week. I invited her executive and delegates of the affected areas to a meeting with my management team at the police station.”

She said Sanco eventually heeded their call to suspend protests. They had also discovered during deliberations that the community leaders were let down after they did not receive feedback about their petition handed to the ANC headquarters last month.

The four-hour meeting resulted in important resolutions being taken. A gathering of stakeholders will be held in all affected areas after seven days where communities will be given feedback on service delivery matters and any progress made with projects.


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