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WITH the help of the community, Gavin Romer has raised more than over R30,000 to cover his medical costs after being diagnosed with squamous cell cancer in his tongue in August.

In a Facebook post, Romer said he had been unable to cover his the medical bills: “I am self-employed and due to not having a fixed income, I am not able to commit to the expense of a medical aid. Since August, I have not been able to work and due to being self-employed, there is no paid sick leave. This sadly leaves us with just my wife’s salary to try and take care of us financially, which is very difficult and literally impossible.”

GRATEFUL: Gavin, Lucille and Chloe Romer
Picture: SUPPLIED.

The appeal came after the family approached Ross Helping Hands Foundation (RHHF), a local cancer charity, assisting cancer patients, for advice insight on how best they could to go about fundraising to cover the mounting costs.

“This family touched my heart and I knew I had to personally get involved and assist them. They are a proud family and I know how devastating this has been. I posted it on my personal Facebook page and reached out to friends and family. The community as a whole also came together and assisted,” said RHHF fundraising co-ordinator Linda Jacobs.

Jacobs also opened a BackaBuddy account to raise funds.

“The account currently has R34,294.94 in it which will be paid over to the family in mid-December,” she said.

Jacobs urged the community to join hands to assist one another.

“As a community we all need to come together and get involved. You never know when it could be you or your family who get diagnosed with cancer.”

“I recommend that all East Londoners join the Ross Helping Hands Foundation. It costs R50 a year to become a member. You can also get involved and volunteer some of your time with the RHHF.”

“I never thought the day would come that I would need to ask for financial help and it is at a time like this when an illness hits you out of the blue, that you realise how fast life can change,” Romer said in his post.

“We currently go from day to day wondering how we will buy the next week’s electricity or where we will get money for petrol for me to keep going to the hospital daily for daily treatment. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will spare me to see our little girl grow up and that I can be there to protect her and take care of her,” he added.

Jacobs thanked all those who had donated.

For more information on how to donate, further information contact Linda Jacobs on 072-877-4444.


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