SO, another windy day or as some of my colleagues like to say “It’s windy, Wendy.” Went for a walk in a different direction but still in one I’ve gone before. It may be same routes I am following, but there are generally so many different things to comment on. (Photo’s unedited – not always a good thing).

INK-WISITIVE – That’s me! I am inquisitive, at times, though this ink refill is not mine.
NO INK-LING – Shame! This pen must be crushed knowing that it can never pen a story again!
QUARTET – Majestically reaching towards their Creator, these trees are symbolic that it can take all kinds of them to make a forest.
CIRCULATING – The place that spreads the news – literally – as it’s from where the GO! & Express, Daily Dispatch and other publications are distributed.
ENCLOSED – How I would love to be able to crawl under there and just relax.
LAVENDER BLUE – Imagine if I was able to share the smell of these with you.
NESTING HERE – I have a fascination for nests, as long as they don’t belong to stinging insects ….
HIDING – Considering I took this photo ‘blind’, it came out quite ok.
EXPOSED – Now why would this bit of piping be uncovered? From what I could make out, it was connected to something and wasn’t just another one of those construction bits and bobs left lying around.
TRAC(K)T OF LAND – Hurrumph! Evidence of construction vehicles having driven upon this piece of land …
BARREN LAND – Not, necessarily a bad thing if it means that human(un)kind will leave nature alone.
FLUTTER BY – I think though that this is more of a moth? So perhaps this caption should rather start off as ‘MOTH-ERLESS’ ?
THE PARTY’S OVER and someone had their cake and ate it.
APPLAUSE – From a certain angle, these two clouds look as if they are clapping hands.
SHELTERED – Strelitzias are sheltered by this tree’s foliage.
TWINSIES – Palm trees superimposed on top of soft, fluffy white clouds, rays of sunshine … just a small taste of a tropical paradise – not that I’ve ever been to one so I base this on the movies – LOL.



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