SAPS out to ensure safer season

The SAPS has kicked off their annual Safer Festive Season operations, police from various stations in the region with aim of curbing drug trafficking, stock theft, drunken driving, possession of illegal firearms and traffic offences.

SAPS will be clamping down on offenders to ensure a safer festive season Picture: SUPPLIED.

Provincial spokesperson Captain Khaya Tonjeni said the operations were aimed at increasing citizens’ safety,  as well as that of visitors in the province.

He said the operations were proposed by national commissioner General Khehla Sitole in order to improve the police service.

“He [Sitole] outlined the pillars of this operation that include protection of borders, road safety, visits to second- hand dealers and illegal liquor outlets, as well as child safety and  fighting against the proliferation of  proliferating firearms operations and dangerous weapons,” said Tonjeni said.

Tonjen urged members of the public to work together with members of the police to help curb crime this festive season.

“Report all criminal activities to police including drug, illegal firearms or unlicensed alcohol dealers. Comply with police to fight against crime by being patient during roadblocks.

“Look for police services in malls, beaches and new holiday destinations.

“Take care of your children and your belongings and don’t leave your valuables in a vehicle,as it exposes them to burglary,”  he said.


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