Children enjoy day at beach

Angel’s Outreach and Round Table Border area teamed up to host their 4th fourth annual Christmas party at Glen Eden beach for about 150 disadvantaged children from children’s homes in East London last on  Saturday.

Round Table East London member Lance Weyer said the children were transported to Glen Eden where they enjoyed a day on the beach.

“For most people, a day spent on any beach is just another ordinary day, but for children who live in a children’s home and are schooled on the same property day after day, a beach outing is the most exciting day of their entire year. These children get to enjoy a change of scenery and experience the beautiful coastline of their own home town,” he said.

Weyer added that The children also received personalised gifts from Santa, Weyer added.

“A massive thank you must go out to the many volunteers who come down to the beach every year to keep an eye on the children and also to have some fun with them on the beach. A further massive thank you to Round Table as they continuously give up their personal time to serve the community at large,” he added.

Angel’s Outreach chairperson Candice Woodbridge said that although financial support can  could assist in making the many children’s homes more comfortable, spending time with them is  the children was most valuable.

“We bring hope and love where hope and love is often lost. One visit a year is not much to ask.

“As a community there is so much we can do to reduce abandonment and abuse of children and Angel Outreach is working on some proposals which they believe will be the start of change,” said Woodbridge.


More information on the children’s homes and Angel Outreach can be found on their website,

Contact Candice Woodbridge to discuss how you or your company can get involved at 073-897-0598 or e-mail



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