All aboard for Regatta

For those of you wondering how to cap off the festive season before the dreaded return to work and school, the Buffalo Regatta has you covered. The annual event, hosted by the East London Boating Association (ELBA) at the Buffalo River from February 14 to 16 2019, will be celebrating its 132nd year.

GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM: Rowers put their skills to the test at the 2019 Buffalo Regatta, which celebrates its 132nd year

The regatta , considered to be one of the most prestigious sporting events in the country, consists of a series of six lane sprint races covering 500m, 1,000m and 2,000m. Teams representing universities, clubs, and schools from all over the country will travel to East London to compete.

“We are privileged and honoured to have both women and men of the RMB national squad competing every year,” ELBA chairperson Phillip King said.

Two trophies in particular will be heavily contested: the Buffalo Grand Challenge for senior A coxless fours and the Silver Sculls for senior A single sculls. According to King, these two trophies “are commonly regarded as the most valuable trophies in South Africa”.

Over the course of the three days, The regatta will see over 1,000 rowers compete in 200 events, including the 500m Selborne Sprints. The regatta and will be televised by SuperSport.


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