Hard-working Cubs show they care

Not even the rain could dampen the spirits of the Hudson Park Primary Port Rex Cubs as they closed off their calendar with a unique Carols by Candlelight event on Thursday evening in Southernwood.

The Cubs did their bit and, in a gesture of goodwill, donated to Meals on Wheels and the East London Child and Youth Care Centre.

Lions president Diane Sierra said the Cubs raised R1,000 respectively for each of the two organisations on top of food, stationery and toys.

“This is a wonderful bunch of children who work extremely hard, are energetic and are full of care,” Sierra said.

TIDINGS OF JOY: The Hudson Primary Cubs cast with the donations they had managed to collect for Meals on Wheels and East London Child and Youth Care Centre

The Cubs also put on a nativity play.

Speaking on behalf of the East London Child and Youth Care Centre, Larne Robus said they were greatly appreciative of the children’s donation.

“We are in need of donations of any kind. We house over 100 children in the home and our community project reaches out to about 1,600 children,” Robus said.

She added that with the ever-increasing number of children, the organisation was also pleading for assistance with stationery donations. She can be reached on 082-530-247.

The Port Rex Lions will also host a red carpet event on February 23 next year , 2019 at the Hudson Park Primary Hall.

For more information, contact Diane on 074-186-6095.


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