Number of lost pets increases

SAFE HAVEN: A stabbed dog, one of 29 injured or poisoned dogs rescued in Alice in August and brought to the SPCA Picture: SUPPLIED

The festive season is finally over. Fun memories were made by some, but not by those who lost their furry family members friends during the holidays.

Margaret Pautz, of East London SPCA, said on the SPCA social media page that 60 dogs and 23 cats were lost during the festive season.

Meanwhile, there were 130 stray dogs brought in, 104 of which were donated to the SPCA, of which 30 were claimed and 13 were adopted.

“Dogs brought in for euthanasia by owners were 45. There were 144 stray cats brought into the SPCA, 105 were donated to the SPCA, four cats were adopted and 13 were brought in for euthanasia,” said Pautz said.

“We were fortunate to have been able to buy a consignment of food before the festive season began, as well as receiving for well as the many amazing donations of food from our loyal supporters,” she said.

SPCA advises pet owners to make sure that their animals have collars with their owner’s contact details on, to make it easier to identify them should they get lost. as it will make it easier to find the lost animal. Another option is to have pets microchipped.

“Anyone who finds a stray or lost animal should bring the animal to the SPCA so that anyone that has lost their pet will be able to find it.

“If owners are going away for any length of time, they should consider putting their pets into reputable boarding kennels, where their pets will be well taken care of,” Pautz said.
“The East London SPCA does have boarding kennels available at a nominal daily fee.”

She also advised owners to get their pets sterilised, as they were then likely to roam.

“We would like to make the public aware that the SPCA does not pick up stray animals because our main function is prevention of cruelty. We have many real complaints to attend to where animals are in pain, discomfort, distress or in danger.

“With the economic climate we find ourselves in, we do not have the resources to drive around town 24/7 to pick up healthy animals which who are usually in the street due to owner negligence.” Pautz said.


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