Youth go ‘hopping mad’ over Easter fun activities

EASTER FUN: Children participated in a three legged egg spoon race at Belgravia Flats on Saturday. Picture: AMANDA NANO

A first-of-its-kind Easter themed activity for children was held at Belgravia Flats in Southernwood on Saturday.

Local tenant Naledi Seboni was the brains behind the event, wanting to organise a day filled with fun and activity in the complex she lives in.

“I approached the Housing Association of East London (HAEL) to host this event, and they went as far as sponsoring more than half of the budget. My organising committee also assisted a lot,” Seboni said.

Jumping castles, pizza, music, games, Easter egg hunts and a visit from the Easter Bunny were just some of the many fun activities the children took part in.

Seboni was prompted to do this after observing the behaviour of children in the complex.

“I’m raising boys and I’ve noticed the mannerisms and attitude of some older boys could become a problem. I wanted to bring them together so they may get to know one another, as well as their parents,” she said.

She hopes this will become a regular event as some have expressed their appreciation, despite some skeptics.

“I’ve noticed that people are less likely to entertain things that they’re not aware of. Some parents weren’t welcoming or interested about the event,” Seboni said.


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