Kids turn to streets out of real need

Children begging on the street corners, some with their parents, are a cause for concern for non-profit organisation Christelike Maatskaplike Raad (CMR).

According to the organisation, the trend rose rises during school holidays with children left mostly sitting on street corners in the baking sun.

“Some in Selborne, some at the harbour robots and elsewhere. But the mothers who use their children to get sympathy from the public are mostly at Pearce Street,” said CMR manager Gaye Moonieya said.

Moonieya, who has run a having run a project for street children in the past, said that children turned come to the streets because of genuine hunger or and being neglect.

“But once they have learnt they can get money, it escalates to begging for drug money and often it’s glue with the little boys. So it is a vicious circle,” she said.

Instead of giving street children money, which added to the problem, it was better to give food or water.

She said CMR has had to remove children from their parents, with the goal to end goal of reunite them once their parents were are back on their feet.

“We are obligated by law to intervene in child abuse and neglect. Some children are happy, some are not, it depends on circumstances,” she said.

The organisation does offer support services to the parents as well.

The public can contact Contact CMR on 043-722-6104 or on the CMR East London Facebook page


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