Tablers step up to challenge

Round Table 1 East London are raising funds for Selborne Primary School pupil Ubuko Mpotulo who was diagnosed with meningococcal septicmemia.

The lining of Mpotulo’s blood vessels were damaged and obstructed his narrow arteries, and cutting off his blood supply which .

This resulted in a bilateral lower limb and finger amputation when he was three years old. at the age of three.

Round Table member Ryan Baisley said there are some Round Tablers from East London who that are willing to put their bodies on the line by participating in the 2019 Ironman in order to raise more funds for Ubuko.

They have been training for the past six months, gearing themselves up for the challenge.

“The Tablers will be looking towards friends, family and all of our contacts to sponsor in order have each of our steps during the race in Ubuko’s name sponsored to reach raise our Ttarget of R50,000,” he said.

Marissa Nel from Marissa Nel and Associates came to know about Ubuko’s challenge through Frere Hospital acting manager Joy Scholl.

“I finally met Ubuko and those who have had the privilege to meet him will understand that he only has to look at you once and you are done. The mischievous smile and determination in his eyes caught my heartstrings,” Nel said.

She said that from now until Ubuko is 18, they will have to refit and change his prosthetic sockets at least 14 to 16 times.

Baisley said: “Coming from a disadvantaged background, Ubuko’s mother returned to school after her pregnancy and he has since been brought up by his grandmother who sells sweets for a living after selling her house to assist her two children through tertiary education.” said Baisley.

He said Ubuko’s Mpotulo’s dream is to be integrated into normal school activities and to be able to play sport as he . He wants to be a paralympian.

Ubuko Mpotulo has since been awarded a full scholarship to Selborne Primary and College.

He has also been named as one of the #100YoungMandelas for his perseverance.

Round Table have created a BackABuddy account where people can donate an amount towards his Mpotulo’s medical costs. At he the moment, they have R 13,166.78.


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