Meals on Wheels bring joy with teddies

SOFT TOUCH: HELPING THE ELDERLY: Meals on Wheels hosted a teddy bear picnic with residents of Silver Crown Old Age Home in East London. They are, from left, John Oatley, Jeni Campbell, Kathy Comfort, Audrey Oatley and Zukiswa Jezile and Audrey Oatley Picture:SIVENATHI GOSA

Meals on Wheels have recently started an initiative to donate teddy bears to the elderly and those that who are suffering from with Alzheimer’s disease.

The non-profit organisation provides food for the elderly, poor and invalid.

“We have chosen Silver Crown Old Age Home because they have patients with the disease. [Alzheimer’s]. The teddies will help when they become restless,” said Meals on Wheels manager Jeni Campbell.

She said this was their first community outreach programme of 2019. this year.

“We have donated about 50 teddy bears to the residents of Silver Crown. It was heartwarming to see seeing the faces light up when we gave them the teddy bears, especially the men.”

Campbell said they had a service centre where the elderly came in on a Tuesday to where they have lunch, tea, play bingo and go to the library. There is also a hairdressing salon. Members pay R2 a year.

“We celebrate their birthdays – just to cheer senior citizens up and to show them that there are people who still care for them. It seems like society has forgotten about the elderly, and it is sad because a majority of them are in at old age homes,” she said.

Campbell indicated there were plans to raise awareness about about the organisation.

“We want the public to know more about the organisation, as it will assist us with our financial needs,” she said.

Supervisor of the home Nonceba Monti said they had 40 residents at the home – 13 males and 27 females.


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