Big top extravaganza

ROLL UP, ROLL UP!: FANCY MOVES: The Jo Jackson Dance Company’s latest production, Welcome to the Big Top Dance Show, will be on performing at the Guild Theatre on February 15 and 16 Picture:SUPPLIED

Jo Jackson Co and Promotions will present Welcome to the Big Top Dance Show on February 15 and 16 at the Guild Theatre.

The circus-themed dance show, involving about approximately 100 dancers, will showcase the studio’s theatric moves with Daniel Anderson as their ringmaster. leader.

“We also have guest artists Duane Joaquim who will be our French mime. Rudi Smit has choreographed a routine in the show and will also be performing. Aerial artists Tsogt and Kristen Bayasagalan will also be on show,” said studio owner Jo Jackson.

“Rudi Smit was a choreographer in the movie Honey 3, as well as an assistant choreographer for the movie Bring it on Worldwide. He has choreographed international and national commercials for , such Adidas, Pepsi, Edgars, McDonalds and Volkswagen,” she said.

“After graduating from the Mongolian Ballet University, Tsogt travelled to many countries as a performer. In 1996, he came to SA to perform at the Boswell Wikie Circus and he has since worked with many international artists and has been involved in the rigging and stunts for many films and concerts.

“Kristen, who is a salon owner by day and circus performer by night, has been fortunate enough to have performed in the UAE and all over SA.” South Africa.”

Jackson said Duane Joaqium has been dancing since he was 13 years old. He started his dance career training at the Craig Riviere Dance Academy in Johannesburg, where he trained in Latin American, freestyle, adagio, slow dance, hustle, hip-hop, rock ’n roll, break-dancing and slow dance.


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