Zwelitsha man loses all in fire

A Zwelitsha resident received a nasty shock recently when his their shack burnt ed down while he was they were away at work.

According to the owner, Mzoxolo Mbalo, one of his neighbours informed them of the fire while they were returning from their job cleaning gardens.

“I didn’t believe it, I thought they were joking,” Mbalo said.

While waiting for the local fire department to assist, Mbalo’s neighbours worked hard to try and extinguish the flames.

“I believe that someone was crossing the street while smoking a cigarette and after finishing, they threw it into the grass which caught alight,” said one of the neighbours, Malinga Damane.

Mbalo reported the fire to the police the following day and took the matter to ward 41 ward committee member Makhaya Tyilo.

“He promised to speak with the ward councillor [Sindiswa Sikepe] about the incident, but nothing else was done and so far they have not gotten back to me,” Mbalo said.

Asked about the cost of the damage, Mbalo said it came to is about approximately R18,000 to R25,000. thousand.

“All the important things in my life burnt, including my clothing, food, bedding, ID, matric certificate and other items and documents.

“I left with only the clothes I was wearing and I have no place to sleep.” he said.

Mbalo is appealing to the community for donations or other assistance. He can be contacted on 078-136-7817.


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