J-Sindy’s voice rings out against abuse

East London-based artist J-Sindy is hoping to change men’s attitudes towards women and child abuse through song.

Born Mncedi Ntantiso, J-Sindy believes that music is just one tool that can be used to carry his message out to the world.

“In South Africa, music was used as a mechanism to fight the apartheid regime. Now the struggle is gender-based violence (GBV),” J-Sindy said.

He asserted that GBV was not just a South African problem, but an international one too, and women have been at the forefront of addressing the scourge.

East London musical artist, J-Sindy, aims to fight the scourge of gender-based violence through music

“There’s a lack of males in this fight. It should have been done long ago as this [GBV] isn’t normal and it must be fought,” he said.

The young artist’s campaign has reached the ears of the UK’s Channel 4 News, who were on assignment covering GBV.

“I had the privilege of doing a shoot with them [Channel 4 News] here in East London and I have just got word that they finished editing it,” said J-Sindy.

The musician released his debut single, titled Babyface in September 2018, in which he encouraged men to celebrate and honour women.

“It was through song that I got the inspiration to start my campaign called #DONTHURTHER to encourage men to become actively involved in the fight against women and child abuse,” J-Sindy said.

J-Sindy’s modern musical inspirations include local star Cassper Nyovest and international artist Babyface.

“As times change, so do inspirations. Back in the day it used to be Hugh Masekela and Mbongeni Ngema,” he said.

He believes that he could not champion this cause on his own and that all should play their part.

“It is time we as men rise to the occasion and play our part. We are the perpetrators and we are the only ones who can end this,” he said.

You can follow his musical journey across social media at @realjsindy or e-mail realjsindy@gmail.com

EDIT: The link for J-Sindy’s interview and GBV insert, on UK based Channel 4 News




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