Zwelitsha local returns home to help those in need

Former Zwelitsha Township resident Yoliswa Klaas, who now lives in Mdantsane and works for the Eastern Cape provincial department of education, returned to her place of birth to help those in need.

Yoliswa Klaas

“Times have changed and the world has forgotten about the spirit of ubuntu. It’s time for people to get closer to their hearts, put themselves in the shoes of the poorest and whole-heartedly give them a helping hand,” said Klaas.

Klaass’s goal was to help Ambesa Skeyi, 15, who has suffered from cerebral palsy since birth. Skeyi currently lives with her grandmother who sews clothing in order to feed her family.

“My aim was to get her a wheelchair. to meet her needs. I asked people around me for donations and their response was very positive. However, but I felt it wasn’t enough, so I got her a brand new double bed and groceries which cost about approximately R5,000. I encourage other people to help needy people.

“Many thanks to my colleagues and friends for their support,” Klaas said.

“It’s very wise to contribute in the success of someone else, knowing that people go to sleep with peaceful hearts and full stomachs. And in everything – be good enough to make a change in someone’s life.”


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