Hopes all districts can take part in netball trials

The Netball Premier League (NPL) trials took place on Sunday at Hamilton Sports Club, with many eager players from different districts hoping to make the cut.

The first round of trials will see 18 players ladies picked, with and a final round where the best 15 players will make the cut for the premier league.

Eastern Cape Netball Association (ECNA) general secretary Nolitha Dwabayo said some players from the previous years were present and were sure to create good competition.

“We’ve invited all players from the districts as we want to give everyone a chance to be part of the NPL,” Dwabayo said.

DEFENCE: Players from the provincial districts descended on East London to take part in the Netball Premier league trials held at Hamilton Sports Club on Sunday

The selected players will be training in Port Elizabeth and East London through a coaching academy.

Internationally recognised umpire Janet Edeling said: “ there is a lot of potential that needs to be exposed to a high level of competition. We’re looking for new, young, promising talent who will help develop the Eastern Cape. However, they need to put in hard work, be able to function in a team and be highly disciplined.”

Edeling mentioned that a team structure was is like a scaffold that holds the team together.

Dwabayo cited organisational, monetary and transport issues as some of the key factors that could prevent some players from taking part. for some players not to arrive.

“We have a challenge with affiliation, membership and registration, which is even more difficult in the rural areas,” she said.

She further explained that structures were key from club level to the top, and also served as a tool to disseminate information.

Fixtures are due to start in the first week of May.


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