Spreading the love of reading

READING IS FUN: From left to right, James Human, Lynn Glover, Monique Banks and Lauren Wainwright aim to take the city by storm by challenging pupils to read as many books as they can for World Book Day. Picture: SUPPLIED

In the lead-up to World Book Day on April 23, pupils are being encouraged by East London-based Lesson Lab to read as many books as possible.

The lab aims to promote literacy among pupils in every grade. According to the lab, a Progress in International Reading Literacy study found that 78% of grade 4 pupils could not read.

Lesson Lab owner Lynn Glover said this challenge would be focusing on schools around East London.

“The whole purpose of this reading challenge is to instill in our youth a love of reading that will help them succeed in all aspects of life,” Glover said.

The lab’s English second-language tutor, James Human, said a love of reading could lead to all-round improvement.

“Those who develop a love of reading will find that it is easier to understand their learning materials and will see an all-round improvement in their marks.”

The challenge kicked off at Cambridge Primary School on February 22. The class that reads the most books will receive a delicious cake.

Schools wanting to participate in this challenge can contact the Lesson Lab on 043-726-4261. or e-mail lessonlab@isat.co.za.


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