Poor service at clinic puts Zwelitsha at risk

Residents in Zwelitsha township are complaining of poor service at the local clinic located in Zone 5. According to residents, clinic employees are disrespectful to patients and are slow to perform their jobs.

“It is very easy to die in this clinic”

“We are suffering from a shortage of nurses which is making it is difficult to get better health services as the community of Zwelitsha township from this clinic,” said one anonymous resident.

Another Zwelitsha resident, Thembela Ndlumbini, has expressed similar concerns about the unprofessional conduct by clinic staff.

“I arrived at the clinic last Wednesday and found it overcrowded in the reception and the passage.

“I noticed some of the patients were panicking because they had been waiting for more than three hours without getting help. I have also noticed other problems, such as the dispensary always being open,” Ndlumbini said.

“Recently they closed the doors at 1.30pm and they said they have no workers – only one nurse even though some staff were inside. They also said they can close any time without reason if they want,” Ndlumbini added.

Some patients said they were getting together to request the department of health and other top officials to intervene and sort out the matter.

“If a person is not prepared to work, they must go as soon as possible. It’s very easy to die in this clinic because some staff don’t care,” said an anonymous resident.

Department of health spokesperson Lwandile Sicwetsha and Zwelitsha Clinic’s sister in charge were not available for comment.

WAIT AND SUFFER: Residents are complaining about lack of proper care at Zwelitsha Clinic


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