Load-shedding a disaster for animals and farmers, says NSPCA

Poultry, dairy, pig and fish farms are highly reliant on electricity, as are large-scale and small farmers.
Image: esvetleishaya / 123RF Stock Photo

As load-shedding continues to leave parts of the country without electricity for hours on end, the impact is being felt by farmers and their animals.

The National Council of SPCAs says it has “grave concerns” for animals that depend on electricity for survival.

“In any intensive farming system, animals are dependent on ideal environmental conditions to survive. These conditions often depend on a constant supply of electricity,” the NSPCA said in a statement.

“Not-ideal conditions lead to stress on the animals which leads to immune system failure, illness and even death.

“Electricity plays a crucial role in animal farming. It drives the system and equipment that creates the ideal environment to keep the animals in full health and vigor. Lighting, heating, ventilation, electric motors which run feed lines — electricity is at the core of a productive intensive farming system.”

Poultry, piggeries and aquaculture are some of the farm types affected.

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