Nelson Mandela University students stage silent protest against ‘rapist’s’ graduation

Students held a silent protest over the graduation of an alleged rapist at Nelson Mandela University on Friday. The students say 10 cases of sexual offences had been reported on the campus so far this year but none had been properly investigated. Image: Twitter/@NandiphaMagaqa

A group of Nelson Mandela University students staged a silent protest at the university’s graduation ceremony on the South Campus on Friday – over an alleged rapist graduating.

Wearing black and holding placards, saying “Congratulations, my rapist is graduating”, the small group of students stood up during the first graduation ceremony of the day.

In a letter sent to the university on Wednesday, the group – calling themselves Activist ConneXtions – wrote that 10 cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault had been reported on the campus since the beginning of 2019.

They wrote: “To date, these cases have not been investigated and no dockets have been opened at [the university’s] legal services. Applications for no-contact orders and summary suspensions have been stalled at legal and protection services, forcing victims to share the same space as their abusers on a daily basis.

“Activist ConneXctions can also  confirm  that it received news of the graduation of convicted rapist [from 2018] during the autumn graduation taking place between April 5 and 13 2019.

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